What we do

Driving Change

Buildings left to their own devices do not change. They just keep going at the same pace in the same direction. Only a force applied from the outside can we change them for the better.


At the doctor’s office, we’re accustomed to having our temperature, blood pressure, and heart rate taken. These measurements, combined with some questions, help the doctor diagnose and treat us effectively. But what if the doctor could only ask questions? Would they still find a cure? Or if they only had your monthly heart rate data, could they detect ongoing issues?

This analogy applies to buildings too. Energy monitors act as vital signs trackers for your building, highlighting areas that are healthy or need attention.


We collaborate with you to analyse the energy data and challenge the existing norms to align your energy consumption with the needs of your guests and businesses. By pinpointing anomalies, we can identify the 20% of equipment responsible for 80% of your energy usage. Addressing these major consumers in line with your operational schedules is crucial for significant reductions in daily consumption.

Given the uniqueness of each building and its development timeline, solutions that work in one may not apply universally.

Once armed with data, you eliminate guesswork and focus on strategies that yield substantial savings. For example, you may discover that your heating and cooling systems are running simultaneously, resulting in unnecessary energy expenditure. By adjusting operational schedules or investing in more efficient equipment, you can reduce energy consumption and save costs.


Every client and building is unique, so we can craft a personalised plan based on your priorities, budget, and timelines.

Once we identify your top energy consumers, we can offer tailored solutions to reduce consumption. This could involve optimising usage by turning devices off or down, updating controllers, replacing components, or upgrading equipment. Our team of suppliers and consultants bring a wealth of experience to solve various issues.

Rest assured, whatever the challenge may be, we’ve likely encountered it before and can guide you towards the right solution.